About us

Kentucky Draft Horses and Mules started in 2010 as a small here and there hobby, now its become a calling, a passion and today we have grown tremendously and have sold hundreds of teams to pretty much anyone! From farmers in California, ranchers in Montana, to small mom and pop carriage businesses. Today we strive to continue selling the best TOP quality horse and mule teams. Whether youre looking for your grandkids a team to learn with or you have a carriage business in down town New Orleans weve got the team for you! We are trustworthy, honest, dependable and straight to the point. No gimmicks or games. If that was our way of thinking we wouldnt still be doing this 12 years later! Based in Monticello and Liberty Kentucky on a 120 acre farm we do anything and everything with these beautiful creatures so anything we advertise is BROKE!! We are your go to for what youre looking for! Call us anytime, any day we are here to provide you with any questions, concerns or requests. We also do clinics, to teach new comers to driving, plowing, etc. Yall are also welcome to our farm to test drive teams take a look at a few and decide what will work best for you! God bless and thank you for visiting us and cant wait to do business with yall!

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